And Now Contaminated Kimchi

If you like kimchi, please help yourself to this latest controversy. Both China and South Korea avid producers of that vegetable delicacy are accusing each other with providing their respective markets with extra flavored kimchi. The flavors are lead, artificial sweetener, food coloring, or could come with parasites.

The Korea Food and Drug Administration admitted that Korean made kimchi were found to be contaminated with parasite eggs. These were found from 16 out of 502 local makers. As a result 472 kilograms or 1,041 pounds were impounded. Some of these kimchi were exported to China. On the other hand, Chinese made kimchi are said to be tainted with carcinogenic materials as mentioned but found its way to Korea because it was cheaper.

"One of the largest Korean producers, Doosan, established its factory in Beijing's suburban Miyun industrial zone in August 2003. According to a Korean kimchi factory manager based in China, who declined to be identified, there are about 60 to 80 kimchi factories in Shandong's Qingdao region, but he said "one opens and one goes bankrupt every day" because of the high competition and low profit. Even so, Chinese kimchi makers insist that their operations are based on high-standard procedures". See full news item here.

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Kimchi is a fermented spicy vegetable (cabbage, chili pepper) dish, usually served traditionally with every Korean meal.

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