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I have been a friend of Ginger for a long time now

With my hypertensive condition, I take every wellness advice I get from friends and relatives to heart. For one, my mother told me that ginger could be a powerful health food. This root crop grown in most Asian countries could possibly in the following instances:
reduce arthritic painhas cholesterol reducing properties may be good to thin the blood helpful in treating or preventing heart ailmentscould aid in reducing anxietypossibly prevent diabetic induced cataractcould prevent entererotoxigenic Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin induced diarrhea could help prevent seamotion sickness, morning sickness in pregnant women and nausea after  chemotherapyginger oil could possibly  help prevent skin cancerpossess sialogogue properties which makes swallowing action easiercould help prevent dyspepsia, constipation, colic, colds, sore throatwith palm tree juice can possibly prevent flucan be prepared with scrambled eggs (thin strips) and …