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Eeny meeny miney spring rolls

We had some leftover wine rose ' just lying around waiting to be dropped into the trash but I decided to open the bottle. I could smell that it can still be useful. what's left remains usable. Cooking for my son who worked the graveyard shift pose an enormous challenge because temporarily, there isn't much to spend for food. Sigh! My strategy is to use what's available in the ref. Today, I have some 125 gms of ground pork, 2 pcs of carrots, ginger, garlic and onions . I added just enough: ground black pepper, muscovado sugar, salt and yes my leftover wine. There's also some 20 pcs of springroll wrappers. I just sauteed the pork with the wine, added everything until its cooked, and then seasoned. I allowed the mixture to cool then went on to wrap in small portions. The mixture yielded 15 pcs of springrolls. So guess what? Another invention from the cookingnewbie - the ibanag cook... Cheers