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Showing posts from February 20, 2007

pork sinigang - not a recipe

For lunch and dinner I shall cook sinigang. I got 1/2 kilo of pork and 2 bunches of kangkong. I still have tomatoes and onions, ginger and sinigang mix. If at all possible, best pang-asim are real tamarind fruits. But heck! This is the fast food generation. After boiling I remove all the accumulated scum of the meat, including the skin and some of its fat. I prefer to slice my pork at home after it's boiled. This is just my style, no particular reason really. It's almost always adobo cut for most of my pork dishes. What I also do is put in the veggies just before eating. That way they stay crisp. If lunch is served at 1:00, the veggies will join the pre-prepared pork dish at 12:55. Sinigang -the easiest ulam to prepare. Sarap! Cheers!