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Tora Bika Cappuccino

My daughter sent us this superb tasting ready to prepare cappuccino mix. Made in Indonesia, it comes in two separate packs: (1)the coffee mix and (2)a much smaller sachet which contains the chocolate granules. Judging from the Italian flag type packaging I surmise the choco granules originated from Italy. I tried to experiment to test how the mix could achieve a superior flavor. For my initial test, I used 1 cup of boiling hot water per packmix and then added the chocolate granules. Ooooh! It was too sweet. The next time, I used 1 large mug of boiling hot water plus the chocolate granules. Surprise! I got the perfect blend. Unlike other coffee flavors, even those dispensed by large coffee shops, Tora Bika tastes good even when it is cold. Ingredients: Sugar, creamer, instant coffee, chocolate granules