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Herb-ful cooking anyone?

I have been cooking since 2003. Yes, mostly, by my lonesome. Extra help may come but they are few and far between. But I must not complain because I looove cooking. If only there was less heat. Anyway, my cooking is really herb-ful. I don't need any reason to lace my dishes with herbs. The 'cheapest' recipes bloom with elegance once paired with herbs. And I have 10 favorite herbs that I can't do without: 1. Basil is an annual and used for the clove scent from leaves; works well with tomato dishes, specially pizza and spaghetti sauces. 2. Dill is an annual with its seeds serve as flavor for dill pickles. 3. Fennel is a perennial which adds zest to fish and vegetable dishes; seed also said to work as appetite suppressant. 4. Horseradish is a perennial and acts as a strong flavoring for meats and oysters. Root is harvested for use as a vegetable. 5. Mints are perennials. Both spearmint and peppermint are used to enhance teas, garnish lamb dishes and general flavor enhance