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Paella for Christmas Dinner?

Here's one dish I would like to prepare for our Christmas dinner :-) Yuuum. Paella is Spanish in origin and is traditionally cooked in a "paellera" which is a round flat pan with two handles. Paella is usually prepared using shellfish but can also be made with chicken or both. This flavorful dish is quite flexible because if you don’t have the exact ingredients you can make practical substitutions. Reminder: ensure that shellfish and/or mollusks are fresh. If you are using the following seafood ingredients: 1. mussels should be washed thoroughly. Remove the beards. Open mollusks should be thrown away. 2. squid must be rubbed off the outer dark skin. Pull out the insides including the transparent back bone. Remove the eye and the tentacles and the ink. Cut into rings. 3. clams are washed thoroughly in water and then put in a bowl with some salt so that the sand comes out. Throw away those that are open. 4.prawns may be not be peeled. If you d