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What's for Noche Buena? New Years Eve Menu

Our Christmas holidays menu remains basically the same every year. It always has these three standard fares: Bone in Ham (commercially available) Queso de Bola (commercially available as well) Frozen Fruit Salad Variations are provided by: Ceasar's or Chef's Salad with Paella or Morcon or Embutido or Lechon with Chinese inspired Noodles or Pasta with Filipino Kakanin (Desserts) Of course, the round fruits. We never go without the round shaped eats like, tikoy (chinese glutinous cake), the small round oranges, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries, ripe mangoes, chico (local fruit), and kastanyas (nuts) and the fruit cake. (Because it's laden with sweet, round and glazed fruits). This year, our Noche Buena shall include: Pink Chicken Potato Salad (Mine becomes pink because I use beets instead of carrots) Seafood Chowder Spring Rolls cooked with Red Wine My Clam and Seafood Chowder concoction is as follows: 2 cups chopped clams and mussels (simmered, removed from shells, dr