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Showing posts from January 8, 2008

I love seafood specially if its a treat from my unica daughter

It's the Ibanag's daughter's birthday tomorrow January 9. But first, she's in Manila for her usual holiday vacation from Jakarta. So today she takes me out for lunch and for a change she tells me let's eat seafood, Mommy. Okey, I say. She doesn't know that my stomach has been acting like crazy in the last 2 days. She's not aware that first I got the flu and then these terrible tummy aches today. So, we go to this 'classy' IT hub cum condominium all over' community, looking for a nice seafood restaurant and ordered nothing but, what else seafood. We ordered tuna belly, crab rice and baked oysters. The tuna belly, I believe slightly seared first and then bathed nicely with vegetable oil that went with the classic chili-soy sauce-calamansi juice dip was good. The crab rice, uuuhmm, well I didn't taste much crab there, but so-so. If the crab rice recipe was kindda wanting the baked oysters in cream and butter, did me in. Yuuum. Tummy sav