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Food and other Things You May Not Know about the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Food Traditional Chinese New Year Food is a symbol of prosperity, good luck, health and long life for everyone at the table. Each and every food, either by its appearance or the pronunciation of its name, symbolizes age old Chinese beliefs. Traditional Chinese New Year Food like dumplings, spring Rolls, ch icken or may be a whole fish wishes good things for the coming year. Given below are some of the Traditional Chinese New Year. Chinese are known to be an ardent lover of food, especially good food. Whenever some one talks about the Chinese food then only few things like fried rice and chicken balls come to our minds. But there is a lot more to the Chinese food than these few things known to us. You can find a whole lot of different varieties of Chinese dishes ranging from region to region. "Eating is the utmost important part of life", the great Confucius once uttered these words. Chinese people have been influenced by these words to a great extent. May be