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French Cheese and Wine Partners

I have always been curious about the various cheeses produced the world over. For starter, I found the following on some of the best Cheeses from France . Watch out for my other research finds on cheeses from Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and the rest of other cheese producers of the world. AISY CENDRE’ was created by the same people who saved the Epoisses cheese from oblivion after World War Two: Fromagerie Berthaut. They discovered that cheese buried in ashes had nutty flavor. How Made: Usually, a young Epoisses cheese is sued. The cheese is salted and washed with Marc de Bourgogne then buried in oak ashes for one month. The result is the Aisy Cendré. Strong in taste and has hazelnut and walnut flavor. Great with: Bourgogne Red wine BEAUFORT was already known during the time of the Romans and was named after a small rural town in the French Alps. Beaufort cheeses come in three versions, Beaufort, Beaufort d’été (summer Beaufort) and Beaufort d’Alpage (in the Alps mount