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Beware the Greeks bearing cheese gifts

Some of the best Greek cheeses “Greek cheeses are generally made from sheep's or goat's milk. If cow's milk is used in industrial production it must be mixed with one of these other two milks, since the substitution of cow's milk does not fulfill the time-honoured requirements of flavour and colour.“Among these cheeses are: FETA which means “slice”, has been produced since the time of Hippocrates. Ancient production methods are still followed with the milk stored in leather bags until it curds. Feta is traditionally made from goat or sheep's milk and is stored in barrels of brine. Most feta comes from mountainous areas. Greeks eat feta in different ways. It is used in salads (greek salad - horiatiki), baked in pies, crumbled on omelettes or even stuffed into fish. Probably the most favourite way to eat feta is to lay a thick slab on a plate, pour some olive oil and a pinch of oregano on top. How Made: once the milk forms, it is heated over fire and then