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That's Greek (wine) to me

Greek Wines MACEDONIA produces the most well-loved Greek brusco wine (robust red). Naoussa is the best example AmYndeon made from the same grape is a light red and can also be a pleasant still or sparkling rose. XinOmavro combined with the NegOska variety-another Macedonian native - makes GoumEnissa , a meaty red. NegOska produces a soft red . Chalkidiki of the central peninsula produce the Cotes de Meliton wines, both white and red, from a combination of French (Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc) and Greek varieties. The secluded monastic community of Mount Athos , the monks, have been producing wines since the Byzantine times, and still cultivate both white and red wine-producing grapes. Visitors can explore Macedonia , a wonderful and less known area, following the Wine Roads . EPIRUS in Northwestern Greece is on this most isolated mountainous region ZItsa , a lively, fresh fruity sparkling white is produced from the DebIna variety. In the same region, KatOi