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More Italian Cheeses. Go Ahead Salivate Some More

ASIAGO d'ALLEVO The name Asiago was previously classified as a trade name, in December 1978 but was recognized as a name of origin. This cheese is ewe's milk cheese made in the foothills of the Dolomites although now it is made almost entirely from cow's milk in the provinces of Vincenza and Trento and parts of Padua and Treviso . Asiago is a pressed cooked cheese that produces a firm,strong table cheese after two to six months. Cheeses ripened for longer periods are used purely for grating and Asiago d'Allevo is renowned as an extra strong cheese and used as table cheese. BEL PAESE (Beautiful Country) A mild, white creamy cheese made from cow's milk and one of the most popular cheeses in modern day history. Made in Melzo in Lombardi, the Northern part of Italy . Bel Paese is matured and ripened for about 50 days and contains 48%-50% fat in dry matter. It can be used to replace mozzarella in cooking. BURRINI A specialty cheese from Puglia and Calabr

Ooooh la la Italian Cheese Delights I

I can only dream of these cheeses from my dream country, Italy. In the first place, my illness does not allow me to eat a lot of cheese. Aaargghh. But I can cheat can't I? I relish and salivate just thinking about it and even without the accompanying wines. STRACCHINO A fresh, cow's-milk cheese from Italy's Lombardy region. Stracchino contains about 50 percent milk fat. Its flavor is mild and delicate - similar to but slightly more acidic than CREAM CHEESE. Stracchino Crescenza has a somewhat higher milk fat content, which results in a slightly creamier texture. TALEGGIO Hails from Italy's Lombardy region. It is rich (48 percent fat), semisoft cheese made from whole cow's m ilk. Its flavor can range from mild to pungent, depending on its age. When young, Taleggio's color is pale yellow and its texture semisoft. As it ages it darkens to deep yellow and becomes rather runny. Taleggio is sold in flat blocks or cylinders and is covered either with a wax coating or