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Sarang hamida Koreans

My Korean neighbors were celebrating something the other day and they invited me to come over for some chat and food. Aside from the traditional kimchi the mistress of the house served what she called Korean Beef. I must admit it was kindda sweet for my taste but the beef was tender, to spicy for my palate. The chopped peanuts and the pear provided the relief and from the cholesterol count too. And today I realized Korean and Japanese food have something in common – mirin  Am I telling you?  With very little English on her part we were talking more through sign language. Her children are better English speakers than herself. The children really pick up faster than adults. Me thinks Before I left and with the best sign language I can master I politely asked her if she had the recipe for her Korean beef. She was motioning something and from what I made out of it she was promising to hand it to me the next day. Thank you and Good night. The next morning, her help was buzzing, my r