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Farting cattle? Try eating 'roo' meat

What's that? Ahh, yes. Yesterday, it was camels, today its kangaroo meat. I really was ignorant about kangaroo meat for food or as a substitute for beef and lamb chops :-) My nearest recollection of coming face to face with a kangaroo was in a zoo. And here's what 'roo' meat advocates say. The fight against global warming can use the help of those who might be interested to try kangaroo steak or kangaroo lasagna. Because, if you do, that's less cattle butchered and that means less cattle farting. Cattle passing gas contributes to greenhouse gases. Yes, sireeee, seriously, as in methane:-). This is not funny. In fact Greenpeace , the most widely recognized environment inspired organization aside from WWF, made a "controversial call to eat less beef" and instead switch to kangaroo meat. It is said that, " nearly a quarter of the planet's greenhouse gases came from agriculture, which releases the potent heat-trapping gas methane". On the othe