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Bottle Feeding your Infant? Take Note

1. Allergic reactions occurring with your babies may be caused by your latex rubber nipples if you are still using it. Latex can also contain substances that maybe linked to cancer. 2. Your best bet is to use glass bottles. I remember my father telling a story that we were drinking infant formula from a pepsi cola bottle. (My God that’s more than 50 years ago). Studies have shown that plastic bottles can leach a bisphenol A (BPA) a highly toxic chemical. Use bottles that are not marked “7” or “PC”. Avoid hard, plastic feeding bottles. 3. Do not soft plastic liners which may leach chemicals into formula, especially when heated. 4. Use filtered tap water. If water is fluoridated use a water filtrating equipment that use reverse osmosis. This is to remove fluoride from the water. The American Dental Association discourages fluoridated water most specially for infants 5. In choosing infant formula, better to use powdered. Liquid formulas have higher levels of BPA. 6. Use only