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Why not EVOO from Spain

Here's an image of the evoo brand I would like to have the next time I buy my supply of olive oil. Alcubilla is an olive oil mill which exclusively produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from certified organically farmed olives. Alcubilla is owned by the Luque family from Castro del Rio, Cordoba in Spain. They have been in the olive oil business since 90 years ago. This evoo “is an artisan-made fruit juice” which does not undergo any heating process. In 1990, Alcubilla obtained the Certificate of the Committee for the Regulation of Organic Agriculture which means that what they say about their olive oil is true and accurate. Futhermore, Alcubilla has developed a tracking system which controls the production process of its evoo brand from the harvest of the olives till it reaches the dinner table. I have been using Filippo Berio and Bertolli from Italy since I have been introduced to olive oil but got worried when I read this . Olive Oil and More from Wikipedia: The Internat