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Tofu - whey too healthy, soy cheesy and beancurdy

Because of today's trend towards healthy eating, meat is no longer the cornerstone of protein nutrition. Enter tofu. The Chinese have been using tofu for some 2000 years, since the Taoist times of the Han dynasty. From China, tofu was brought to Japan and Korea many, many, many years later. Today, billions of Asians eat tofu. It could be fresh, dried, frozen, smoked and whether it is prepared boiled, steamed, fried, baked and shaped to im itate that of animal meat, tofu is no longer relegated as a novelty food especially by the western world. As a drink its whey is comparably healthy because tofu is natural, free from cholesterol, very low in saturated fats and carbos, but rich in calcium, and other important vitamins and minerals. Tofu maybe prepared in its original form, marinated and also smoked , and used in dishes in its fried, or even grilled and stewed forms. Tofu in its silken version is ideal food combin ation that's great with soups, dressings, dips and yes, hear