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Are you getting the salad raw deal?

Yes, we all know that green veggies and all veggies for that matter are good for us. People, moving aggressively towards the wellness and health direction, veggies have come to attain that ebullient status. Good!Thanks to the 'saturated fat' fear factor. No need for elaborate introduction, salads can be the world's lifesaver. Salads whether green or collectively rainbow colored, are definitely are the gems of the cooking world. They could be served hot, prepared cold. Maybe simple but yet quite elegant, extravagant but at the same time, elaborate. However it is served, salads offer itself as a nutritionally delectable addition to every meal. Chef wanna-be's like myself are continuously inspired to make our own version of standard salad recipes. I love tinkering, making it possible to tweak. The result? My salads more often bear my own cooking or preparation signature [as if :-)]. My salads are really culinary expressions waiting to be discovered; adventurous