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Garnish, and Ingredients - Strictly Your Freedom of Choice

Still on that salad topic. After talking about veggies, the fruits or the greens, here's my list of top salad must have add-ons and garnish. To me this culinary grouping provide the toss, the balance and the kick. Actually, creativity is the limit and eating natural serves as the impetus: Anchovies Bacon Hard boiled eggs Roast beef Left-over chili shrimps Left-over chili crabs Steamed chicken breasts Canned tuna Cooked frankfurters or hotdogs Left-over salmon steaks Left-over pork barbecue Left-over lechon (broiled hog) Christmas Ham Smoked sausages Smoked fish Pickle Relish Olives Various kinds of nuts like almonds, pecan, wall nuts, peanuts Gelatin Raisins Pasta Cheese - blue, feta cheddar, creamed, cottage, processed, And the rest of other salad kickers: worcestershire sauce tabasco chili sauce olive oil lime juice wine vinegar cider vinegar mustard balsamic vinegar catsup butter mayonnaise light cream heavy cream sour cream peppers