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Soup-er and home made that's how I want my bisque

Now that we're through relishing our salads, we will take one step back on our dining experience to quaff off the next item in our meal - the soup. Soup s can be thick and hearty. It may be taken as a snack or served as a light lunch. In non-formal meals, it is usually served first but in formal dining set-ups, it follows the serving of an appetizer. If you ask me, I think most soups usually look plain, and devoid of appeal, unlike salads or appe tizers . But, simple as it is, soups can be made more seductive with the addition of greens as garnish. And talk about flavor -- that is already a given. I believe soups can be called different names. My soup definitions aren't exactly technical but rather, how I understand the terms guided by my limited cooking experience. Soups m ay be bisque because of it's creamy thick texture. It is made of veggie or fish purees. On the other hand it is called a bouillon if it is made out of boiling fish, meat and vegetable in a liquid. In