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Tainted dog food, tainted milk and now possibly tainted dental implants

Some dental crowns and and bridges from China, among other countries may be tainted with lead. "CBS investigative reporters in Columbus, Ohio, purchased 13 crowns from labs in China, Thailand and the U.S. Ten of those crowns tested positive for lead at levels ranging from 110 parts per million to 240 parts per million". Read the news article here .

Discounted Dining, How about that?

I know, with prices spiralling up these days, more and more people are thinking of eating in. But if you're one of those who really love to dine out and can still afford it yet, would want to stash a little savings here and there, AAANNDD if you live in the United States try this site. PS This is not a paid ad. I was just thinking - introducing their freebies wouldn't hurt anyone. So what are you waiting for?