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Corn(y) Coffee Anyone?

We have recently been gifted with a large bag of corn coffee. I was supposed to take a photo of the product to be uploaded here but heck my feebling mind got in the way again :-) Anyway, our first attempt to brew, resulted in a dark mixture, fresh but lightly aromatic. Actually, I could not have guessed it was made from corn. My partner found it way too light to be called coffee. Well that was the first. The second was much, much better. I think longer brewing time allows the true taste to reveal itself. In a pan, we put 2 heaping tablespoons of the ground thing on 2 cups of water. We boiled it for three minutes. The brew practically turned my dirty kitchen to a pleasantly smelling space, that evoked coffee strength as well as flavor. Way to go. I understand that corn coffee has been in the market for awhile now. They were originally, from southern Philippines and is slowly catching attention. Corn coffee is made from corn, dried under the sun and roasted on hot coals.