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A Belated New Year Greet

My apologies to my blogger friends, and everyone who took the effort and take the time to pass by. Our laptop conked out just after Christmas. Only after my son re-installed the OS that things have started to become better. And that was yesterday. Some of the posts in my other blogs you may see, have been blogger scheduled according to the days they all happened but posted just about this morning. Another topic, I am saddened with google's "gift" for the new year. It was totally unexpected, and just when this laptop seems to be coming through, I find my page rank decimated totally: from 2 to N/A :-( Beat the crap out of me please. I truly will never understand. My first instinct was to stop blogging, but then again my partner says, why and what for? Who cares about PR? I do! (hurrrr, sob) Enough said. What I really and had been hoping to do since December 31, 2008 was to greet everyone : A Very Prosperous and Happy New Year!!! May all the impending gloom of 20