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Showing posts from March 5, 2009

Reduce Consumption? Some more? Oh Man.

Are you changing your life's priorities because of the global recession? Here, locally, I believe it is already starting to hit hard. Surely, it affects us all. To stave off the hard times what aspects of your life are you trying or planning to scrimp on? What are your choices? Spend less on the essentials or reduce expense on say, entertainment, travel or clothes? What about medical expense and food? These to me without a doubt are basic necessities or expenditures? Many economic researchers claim that with respect to household spending on food - it will not change much. However, these same researchers also found that majority of families , low-income as well as middle incomed, astonishingly relied more on low-cost, high-calorie foods during difficult times. Does this mean that starches and dairy will remain in most household menus? Starches, say like, noodles, rice and pasta? Of these three, noodles appear to be the cheapest. Look, rice does not get advertised much on