bay leaf

Early on I truly had a very limited cooking experience but I learned that the following are great combinations: Bay Leaves with * Tomato Juice * Vegetable soups * Fish Chowders * Crab and Shrimp Appetizers * Paksiw Fish * Meat stews * Boiled or Steamed Chicken * Onions * Boiled Potatoes * Baguio Beans * Carrots * Eggplant veggie dishes * All Marinades The amount or number of bay leaves will strictly be limited to how far you are willing to go. Cheers!

go togethers

Again despite my limited cooking experience at this point, I can say that the following veggies, herbs and condiment combinations taste best and healthy at that when put together. I have used them all in preparing my greens or when I prepare marinade for my chicken or pork grill or even for pan fries. 1. celery-onions-carrots 2. tomato-garlic-basil 3. olive oil-onion-garlic 4. garlic-lemon juice-olive oil 5. garlic-ginger-chili pepper The thing is I have even combined everything as dip or sauce for pork as well as tokwa. I just add balsamic or plain and ordinary cane vinegar. Actually, there's a lot of combinations you can do. Your imagination is the limit. Cheers!