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Seven things you wouldn't know about me...

Unless I tell you...

Yes, I have been tagged by my friend girl for all status. And I think my post title says it all. Here are seven things you would not normally know about me unless, you ask or I confirm. And because this is a food blog, I will relate these things to food or the kitchen:

1. I am an oc when it comes to my kitchen and dining room areas. All my kitchen and dining utensils are in places I have designated them to be and I hate it if anyone will attempt to disrupt that order.

2. I am a spendthrift when it comes to my dining ware. Actually, they will cost a fortune if bought today.

3. What I can not eat at home because it is bad for my health, I eat outside, alone. And I love the binging.

4. I love food ingredients that are made in Italy: olives, balsamic vinegar, cheese, olive oil, wine, pasta, anchovies, sauces, pesto, anything. I also love non-food Italian items like leather goods as in wallets, shoes, belts as well as bags. Anyway, who wouldn't right?

5. My family&#…