Seven things you wouldn't know about me...

Unless I tell you...

Yes, I have been tagged by my friend girl for all status. And I think my post title says it all. Here are seven things you would not normally know about me unless, you ask or I confirm. And because this is a food blog, I will relate these things to food or the kitchen:

1. I am an oc when it comes to my kitchen and dining room areas. All my kitchen and dining utensils are in places I have designated them to be and I hate it if anyone will attempt to disrupt that order.

2. I am a spendthrift when it comes to my dining ware. Actually, they will cost a fortune if bought today.

3. What I can not eat at home because it is bad for my health, I eat outside, alone. And I love the binging.

4. I love food ingredients that are made in Italy: olives, balsamic vinegar, cheese, olive oil, wine, pasta, anchovies, sauces, pesto, anything. I also love non-food Italian items like leather goods as in wallets, shoes, belts as well as bags. Anyway, who wouldn't right?

5. My family's first cooking range was made in Italy. Yup, and it is now more than forty years old and still is well and functioning.

6. My ultimate dream is to go to Italy and France to see them French wineries and Italian cheese makers.

7. The first ever dish I cooked and was proud of was bacon fettuccine which I prepared way, way back in the early 90's. I shared it with my neighbors and they were all clamoring for more.

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