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Weird Filipino delicacies you say? Take a Bite

Interested to find out more about Filipino food without the recipes? Look here and here . The first site provides an alphabetized listing of anything and everything about Filipino food. History of Filipino food info is found in the second. And try to see if the listing includes the following Philippine delicacies more often found in the streets of the Metro. Not for the faint at heart:-) 1. Balut - duck egg with the little duckling still cuddled inside the shell. (I say good. You say eew). I, myself do not eat the baby duck, too much hair) 2. Adidas - chicken feet, cooked and steamed in dark soy sauce and vinegar with lots of garlic and ground pepper. Good to go with beer. So they say. 3. Kwek kwek - quail eggs on a stick 4. Tok ne ne - chicken egg on a stick 5. Inihaw na Pusit - coal grilled baby squids. Best when dipped in spicy vinegar 6. Squid balls - Corned squid dipped in flour and deep fried. Best with spicy vinegar dip. Do you think Anthony Bourdain can pay the Philippines

Another Post for Toast egg me Entrecard Contest

This is a copy of my toasteggme entrecard which I posted in my Ibanag in the City blog. Actually my Entrecard widget is in my Ibanag Cooking and Other Things blog. So what was I thinking? Okey so I am promoting the Contest twice. I don't mind:-) I got this mail from a fellow member at my blog log community. You can find the address here. He is officially launching this Entrecard contest essentially I think to help promote Entrecard, another blog networking community which was launched recently. Ten winners will each receive 100 EntreCard points. The points as I understand it can be used to advertise in other peoples' blogs. When you sign up with Entrecard, you will need to create a 125×125 button that represents your blog. The Entrecard widget with your blog name or title indicated will be placed in your blog. Next you’ll go around clicking on the “Drop Yours” space on other member's blogs. This will earn you credits. Credits that you need to advertise on other blogs. So,