Another Post for Toast egg me Entrecard Contest

This is a copy of my toasteggme entrecard which I posted in my Ibanag in the City blog.

Actually my Entrecard widget is in my Ibanag Cooking and Other Things blog. So what was I thinking? Okey so I am promoting the Contest twice. I don't mind:-)

I got this mail from a fellow member at my blog log community. You can find the address here.

He is officially launching this Entrecard contest essentially I think to help promote Entrecard, another blog networking community which was launched recently. Ten winners will each receive 100 EntreCard points. The points as I understand it can be used to advertise in other peoples' blogs.

When you sign up with Entrecard, you will need to create a 125×125 button that represents your blog. The Entrecard widget with your blog name or title indicated will be placed in your blog. Next you’ll go around clicking on the “Drop Yours” space on other member's blogs. This will earn you credits. Credits that you need to advertise on other blogs. So, the more you click the more credits you get. And as you earn more credits, the more chances you have to advertise in other peoples' blogs.

So if you want to join all you need to do is:

1. Subscribe to his RSS feeds.
2. Write a post on your site or blog about this contest. Place a link back to his blog. Your site or blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content.
3. Leave a comment and the URL to the post you make.
4. Please remember to use the EntreCard email in order for him to send you the credits if you come out as one of the winners.
5. The contest will run until 25th Dec 2007 Christmas. The winners will be announced 3 days after that, meaning on the 28th Dec 2007. The winner will be getting his EntreCard points not later then 29th Dec 2007.

According to him this is just the first of numerous contests he is launching in the future. Just as some sort of a warm-up exercise. So I hope all of you join and sign-up with Entrecard. NOW! The fact that I am doing this post means I have joined the contest:-)


Let him know if you have any questions.

I am already a member of Entrecard.

So Cheers!

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