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The Ibanag is a failure

Yes, I am. My experiment to plan out a weekly menu utterly failed. These are two of the more important reasons: 1. It proved very expensive because some of the veggies and fruits I purchased ahead of time perished before they could be cooked. 2. I got too tired because the plan was to cook a new dish every meal. This is so impractical, what with the high cost of energy required for cooking. It crossed my mind you know, but I just had to try it. I am not sure if I want to do it all over again. Maybe, this time I shall use a different tack. Like buying my veggies for 3 days instead of a week's supply. But that would be two trips to the market. Still good for my daily exercise :-) My weekly menu as planned starts Tuesday and ends on a Monday. Tomorrow, local time, is the day for marketing and grocery shopping. I have tonight to make my final decision. As of today, I still have meat and poultry good for 2 days. Actually, I reached the decision to discontinue my plan on my third