The Ibanag is a failure

Yes, I am.

My experiment to plan out a weekly menu utterly failed. These are two of the more important reasons:

1. It proved very expensive because some of the veggies and fruits I purchased ahead of time perished before they could be cooked.
2. I got too tired because the plan was to cook a new dish every meal. This is so impractical, what with the high cost of energy required for cooking. It crossed my mind you know, but I just had to try it.

I am not sure if I want to do it all over again. Maybe, this time I shall use a different tack. Like buying my veggies for 3 days instead of a week's supply. But that would be two trips to the market. Still good for my daily exercise :-) My weekly menu as planned starts Tuesday and ends on a Monday. Tomorrow, local time, is the day for marketing and grocery shopping. I have tonight to make my final decision.

As of today, I still have meat and poultry good for 2 days. Actually, I reached the decision to discontinue my plan on my third day of experimentation. You see, my usual practice was cook extra- for the next day. The previous night's left over serves as lunch the next day. It was cost-efficient that way. But not to the palate. But hey, these are hard times. If we can save something, why not.

After all, world resources are not there to be squandered, right? Boo-hoo-hoo :-)

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