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Showing posts from May 5, 2008

I Like My Chef Stone-d :-)

Ah ah ah. That’s not what I meant. I am talking about Curtis – The Take Home Chef. This would be my second post on a celebrity chef (the first was The Naked Chef , of course that’s Jamie Oliver) First time I saw Curtis was on his Take Home Chef show on cable. I thought the show’s concept was brilliant. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. The tact is Curtis goes around supermarkets to pick-up a lady shopper, bring her back to her home, where Curtis will prepare a special dinner menu for her and a loved one. Yes, that is very right - he will do all the cooking and the food preparation (well, not really. I saw the show's credits and he has a sous chef), all in front of the cameras. It’s like a reality cooking show. Back to Curtis, he was born in Australia . Before realizing he wanted to cook, he was studying Business. He went on to start his cooking career in Savoy , quite a famous Aussie hotel. From there he proceeded to England to work for that famous chef and