I Like My Chef Stone-d :-)

Ah ah ah. That’s not what I meant.

I am talking about Curtis – The Take Home Chef. This would be my second post on a celebrity chef (the first was The Naked Chef, of course that’s Jamie Oliver)

First time I saw Curtis was on his Take Home Chef show on cable. I thought the show’s concept was brilliant. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. The tact is Curtis goes around supermarkets to pick-up a lady shopper, bring her back to her home, where Curtis will prepare a special dinner menu for her and a loved one.

Yes, that is very right - he will do all the cooking and the food preparation (well, not really. I saw the show's credits and he has a sous chef), all in front of the cameras. It’s like a reality cooking show.

Back to Curtis, he was born in Australia. Before realizing he wanted to cook, he was studying Business. He went on to start his cooking career in Savoy, quite a famous Aussie hotel. From there he proceeded to England to work for that famous chef and recipe book author Marco Pierre White.

Quite a celebrity today, Curtis has been on The Today and Martha Stewart’s Show. Aside from his current ‘Take Home Chef’ which is shown in the United States, he’s hosted cooking programs in England, called Good Food Life and Saturday Kitchen.

I consider Curtis the sexiest man on the cooking celebrity front. Tall and lanky Curtis knows his cooking smashingly well, like the palm of his hand

If you are interested to find out more of his Take Home Chef recipes and menu, find it here.

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