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Showing posts from June 27, 2008

Why I need new furniture

Isn't it obvious that the kitchen and the dining areas are now my most favorite places in the house. I guess have never really talked about this aspect because, hey it is a cooking blog. Right? Wrong. I should have. After all, these two home areas are essential to cooking and of course dining. Where do we prepare and cook the food we eat? And where do we serve them? It is just that I prefer to talk about our home meaning the structure and its furnishings in an appropriate blog which I try to maintain as well. And surfing through the many online furniture sites recently, my dream of owning or building a dream kitchen and dining has been revived. Even before I even learned to really cook, I have often fantasized that our kitchen and dining room must stand on a combined floor area not smaller than 100 square meters. Spic and span, lined with elegant yet modern wood kitchen furnishings, including cabinets in natural finish, to me would be awesomely welcomed. Yet, I feel thi