Why I need new furniture

Isn't it obvious that the kitchen and the dining areas are now my most favorite places in the house. I guess have never really talked about this aspect because, hey it is a cooking blog. Right? Wrong. I should have. After all, these two home areas are essential to cooking and of course dining. Where do we prepare and cook the food we eat? And where do we serve them? It is just that I prefer to talk about our home meaning the structure and its furnishings in an appropriate blog which I try to maintain as well.

And surfing through the many online furniture sites recently, my dream of owning or building a dream kitchen and dining has been revived. Even before I even learned to really cook, I have often fantasized that our kitchen and dining room must stand on a combined floor area not smaller than 100 square meters. Spic and span, lined with elegant yet modern wood kitchen furnishings, including cabinets in natural finish, to me would be awesomely welcomed. Yet, I feel this would be too much of an effort to maintain at this time. With my children all adults now, and may soon be leaving the 'coop', so to speak, is no longer ideal.

But why not plan for buying new living room furniture. That would be nice. Our living room furniture are now about 27 years old. Yes, sssiiirrreee, that long. We keep things that way. Not only because most of our furniture are made of wood, thus timeless, but also because I am the 'for-keeps' type of a person. I like my things old; yet well kept and well-maintained. But when ever I feel the upholstery may have well served its time it's what normally get's replaced. Like every five years.

What wouldn't hurt is if I get a new bedroom furniture. Yes! This one is needed. Our bed though made of wood has been around since 1986. I understand it cost a fortune because I didn't buy it. The design is okey but it has served its purpose. Also wood quality is far from good, so instead of acquiring that antiquity, it is now left almost dilapidated, scratches all over the place and quite unsteady. I am just afraid it might bog down one of these days.

Another major area that needs upgrade is my salon office furniture. In fact, it needs a total makeover. Though business is just breaking-even, I told my salon business manager, early this year, that we need to allot some of our monthy sales for this purpose. Our customers deserve a break from what we now have, that's grown unappealing and doesn't seem to attract a good 'yin and yang' balance anymore. Love those hardwood desks and office cabinets I saw online. Guess what, this is what I see happening very soon.

To all of these exciting plans, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know that if I don't stop thinking and doing some positive things about it i'll have new furniture by the end of the year. Awesome!

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