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Showing posts from August 26, 2008

Back in the blogging world

It is good to be back . After a long absence from the blogging world, I hope I am here for good, ready to take on the pleasures of surfing, reading and learning from friends, as well as strangers. It was an abrupt thing and didn't have enough time to inform anyone. I am sorry. Suffice it to say that I feel alive again, hopeful if you may; and somehow feeling that I am again part of a world so familiar yet strange, part of the time. I missed everyone. I miss posting about some of the things I do in the kitchen and in my garden. Unfortunately, I no longer have a garden in my backyard. In fact, I no longer have a backyard :-) Our new place is smaller than the old one. Here, there is no garden, no fruit trees, no plants, except those we were able to take along because they were already in pots. Unlike before, "my" garden has been replaced by a stinky dirty kitchen which literally becomes dirty when it is raining hard. Gosh! :-( Enough of this negativity now. I should rea