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Melamine dinnerware, but melamine milk?

News has it that some baby milk made in China are contaminated with melamine, a resin used for many plastic applications like dinnerware, plastic cups, table tops, etc., and these babies are now found to have medical problems involving their renal or kidney systems. These milk in powdered form is said to have been recalled was manufactured or processed in China, specifically, Gansu province by a company called Sanlu and is part-owned by Fontera a New Zealand company. Melamine was also said to have caused some pet foods also made from China to be recalled from U.S. supermarket counters back in 2007. From what I understand, melamine contains a protein derivative which was what was added to these infant formula. Is this now what we can call maximum product efficiency? To mix chemical substitutes to provide maximum cost efficiency? My mother used to own a small eatery and she used melamine dinner plates. At that time, and ignorant of its ill-effects, I already questioned its suitabilit