Melamine dinnerware, but melamine milk?

News has it that some baby milk made in China are contaminated with melamine, a resin used for many plastic applications like dinnerware, plastic cups, table tops, etc., and these babies are now found to have medical problems involving their renal or kidney systems.

These milk in powdered form is said to have been recalled was manufactured or processed in China, specifically, Gansu province by a company called Sanlu and is part-owned by Fontera a New Zealand company.

Melamine was also said to have caused some pet foods also made from China to be recalled from U.S. supermarket counters back in 2007. From what I understand, melamine contains a protein derivative which was what was added to these infant formula. Is this now what we can call maximum product efficiency? To mix chemical substitutes to provide maximum cost efficiency?

My mother used to own a small eatery and she used melamine dinner plates. At that time, and ignorant of its ill-effects, I already questioned its suitability. Common sense dictates that plastic assumes a different characteristic when subjected to heat. True enough, I think after a couple of years use, those melamine dinner dishes started chipping off. I told my Mom that it is wise to get rid of them immediately. She did but only those chipped-off ones. The rest 'still good' ones were retained. Aaarrgghh!

Anyway, what is really China up to? How loose can they be with their products? Looks like there are some loopholes in their food manufacturing regulations, especially. And how about those countries importing these very same products? Defective import regulations as well?

And talk about plastics, what about those noodles in cups sold locally, which appears to be very popular because they are cheap and convenient as what their ads claim? (My son says these are hot items in call centers, just add very hot water and presto, you get yourself a meal. Also those hot gourmet coffee in plastic cups, plus all those junk food. WTF!!!)

Economics or a systematic and legal way of extermination?

Yes, I am ranting.

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