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Thanks to this Blog's Top 10 Entrecard Droppers

I have been remiss in citing my Top Entrecard Droppers for the last few months. I am really, really very sorry. It is just that access to a computer was truly difficult to find. For the month of January however, please allow me to mention them all here. THANK YOU so very much to all my top 10 EC Droppers: 1. Wineworld Winesworld is a friendly wine guide for amateurs, by amateurs. It is a blog about Scandinavian travel, including food & wine and other Scandinavian ways of doing things. 2. Tasty Thoughts Your home to the best news and views about cooking, restaurants, and food. 3. Vigltd Site about being smart because it is not smart to always play it safe. 4. Positivemen Blog about being positive in all aspects of our lives because it can bring wonders to ourselves and others. 5. Fermentedly Challenged A beer blog focused on the variety and enjoyment of good craft beer. Reviews, news and brews. Talks about pairing beer with great food. Video brewery tours and festival revie

Blog advertising is the way to go

Getting paid to review anything on the web has never been this easy. Because just today, I found myself on the Paying Pos t site. Actually, I was just curious. It has been sometime since I did a paid post. I found it really easy - hassle free. After reading the rules, I registered one of my blogs. Perhaps, it helped that I was using blogger, because in a jiffy, I got to embed the Paying Post code into my blogger template. And now here I am doing this opportunity. That wasn't too difficult was it? Truth be told, I have been doing some paid posting last year. For some reason, I stopped. But when I read about in one of the blogs I subscribe to, I said why not try? I actually miss doing the posts on sites I really liked. And I miss making some little money too. I think both advertisers and bloggers have everything to gain about paying posts as a way of advertising products and services. Not only because these are hard times and everyone could use a little savings, inc