Blog advertising is the way to go

Getting paid to review anything on the web has never been this easy. Because just today, I found myself on the Paying Post site. Actually, I was just curious. It has been sometime since I did a paid post. I found it really easy - hassle free. After reading the rules, I registered one of my blogs. Perhaps, it helped that I was using blogger, because in a jiffy, I got to embed the Paying Post code into my blogger template. And now here I am doing this opportunity. That wasn't too difficult was it?

Truth be told, I have been doing some paid posting last year. For some reason, I stopped. But when I read about in one of the blogs I subscribe to, I said why not try? I actually miss doing the posts on sites I really liked. And I miss making some little money too. I think both advertisers and bloggers have everything to gain about paying posts as a way of advertising products and services. Not only because these are hard times and everyone could use a little savings, including advertisers; but also because it makes very good sense promoting a product or a service through blogs.

Inexpensive, yet effective, that is what I sense is the best benefit from paid posts serving as a form advertisement. Blogs and blog networks provide a good venue to promote to a specific community, where specific products or services get good visibility - a buzz, as what is popularly termed today, to a specific audience.

A blog with an excellent page or alexa rank definitely has a following and there is no better way to get exposure than from these blogs. Advertisers benefit a whole lot because today, blog advertising is one of the most cost effective, methods of introducing or launching a product or service. And talk about reach, the web has certainly opened the gates towards helping build critical mass. Again, a popular blog, certainly brings in that mass. Great blogs equates to an inexpensive way of product or service promotion.

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