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Plastic surgery anyone?

I know that this seems to be  off-topic from this blog which is supposed to talk about food and cooking. But one night, while having dinner with friends who were on vacation from the United States, plastic surgery  among other subjects were heatedly but happily debated on.  If only to commit the discussions to memory,  I  am now compelled to write a snippet about those conversations here. After consuming  a simple dinner consisting  mainly of lasagna of the beef/pork meat variety, (that went pretty well with the customary red wine), my friend said that back at her  American  work environment, women were inclined to get something augmented periodically. One way or the other, it can be a boob job, a noselift, or perhaps an "angelina jolie lip like" augmentation. Plastic surgery was something considered as normal as getting a shower. Why the penchant for plastic surgery? In L.A.  particularly, says my friend, everybody is so consumed about looking good. Breast and waistlin