Plastic surgery anyone?

I know that this seems to be  off-topic from this blog which is supposed to talk about food and cooking. But one night, while having dinner with friends who were on vacation from the United States, plastic surgery  among other subjects were heatedly but happily debated on.  If only to commit the discussions to memory,  I  am now compelled to write a snippet about those conversations here.

After consuming  a simple dinner consisting  mainly of lasagna of the beef/pork meat variety, (that went pretty well with the customary red wine), my friend said that back at her  American  work environment, women were inclined to get something augmented periodically. One way or the other, it can be a boob job, a noselift, or perhaps an "angelina jolie lip like" augmentation. Plastic surgery was something considered as normal as getting a shower.

Why the penchant for plastic surgery?

In L.A.  particularly, says my friend, everybody is so consumed about looking good. Breast and waistline size matters. Are you a cup C or merely a B? Do you have that pouty lip sexiness,  or a nose perfectly sculptured in an aquiline fashion?  Is your tummy so large that it needs to be tucked? Or would you say an eyebrow lift would be in order? These were everyday issues women in this town take to heart?  It is as if, my friend says, "beauty"  can take precedence over character.

Is it a psychological issue then?  Do the woman who resort to "improving" her  physical appearance have emotional insecurities?  My friend says that  most  women she knows from her office as well as other social circles are gorgeous women... women, she thought  not needing  surgery at all. But it has come to becoming a habit. Boohoo.

Maybe, lack of self-confidence then?  The  implications  maybe varied and complicated.

And what about movie celebrities? These people certainly want to look their best. It is part of the package in order to sell themselves as talents. It could be that people get their ideas from these celebs. It is no longer surprising to hear about movie personalities getting plastic surgery at their whim, with no apparent logical reason.  Perhaps, it might be quite understandable if that celebrity wants to enhance or get a new face or a slimmer waistline because of age.  Like Joan Rivers, maybe? Why not? Even hers, I think has gone overboard.

Also,  take  the case of  Heidi Montag. She wasn't bad looking to begin with. But has she turned to become an addict to plastic surgery or not? If only for her and a host of other movie, tv and music industry stars, surely, the  Los Angeles plastic surgery  business is a thriving endeavor. Well, I am  far from being  a celebrity, nor am I rich nor famous, so plastic or cosmetic surgery is not and will never be a problem for me.

However, if you think that the solution to your self-esteem problems is plastic surgery, go for it. But be sure to consult your health care professional first. It could be vital to your life survival.


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