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A Dangerous Herb

Beware of this type of herb. Pls read the full details here .

The lowly but healthy alugbati

I am continuously growing this "for enchilada" type of veggie called alugbati which is so endemic in the Philippines. Studies revealed the isolating of "Basellasaponins A, B, C, and D, oleanane-type triterpenes oligoglycosides, together with betavulgaroside 1, spinacoside C, and momordins IIb and IIc, from fresh aerial parts". The alugbati leaves yield saponin, vitamin A and B while its fruit are known to containe mucilage and iron. These two pots have already yielded a small salad bowl of veggie eats made more delicious and healthful with the addition of olive oil, tomatoes, freshly milled black pepper and apple cider vinegar.. oohh ahhh nice!