Another word on malunggay aka 'moringa'

Everyone's going ga-ga with moringa or the 'lowly' malunggay. It used to be that this was considered staplefood of the economically challenge.

I remember that back then my father had lots of malunggay trees in our vegetable yard. When there's a good harvest usually during the summer months, my mother extracts the fleshy white part of the pod(fruit) and saute it with lots of tomatoes, onions and garlic. Add a little salt and its good to go with fried fish.

The white flowers, as I recall we made into salads. Fresh from the garden, my mother infuses it with boiling water for about a minute, adds fresh tomatoes pinch of salt and pepper and presto.

The leaves, ahhh the leaves, it is my father's favorite veggie addition to tinola a chicken soup dish that usually incorporates green papaya along with pepper or sili leaves. My father's version, on the other hand use a lot of malunggay leaves instead of sili.

When I cook souped clams these days, I also use malunggay leaves with lots of garlic and ginger. Yum!

I have always known that this humble plant was tops in nutritional value. But hey, these days, they are already producing the capsulized version as antibiotic and anti-fungal supplement.

And I read from the papers this morning that it is being eyed as a plant growth hormone, livestock feed, etc.

Way to go!

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