From gourmet to jologs cooking

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As opposed to gourmet, jologs cooking is what I am practically doing these days. Well, I define 'jologs' cooking as 'no recipe' cooking -- just combining whatever I have in my garden with what I have in my pantry and the fridge.

So if I cook adobo whether chicken or pork, I just add tumeric or cumin instead of laurel leaves if that is what I have in my pantry. It is not only experimental but workable. More often, jologs cooking do not appeal to the sense of sight, being hodge podge and all. But what I can assure you is tastily cooked food. Promise :-)

Some chefs define gourmet as good cooking. Agreed. I must insist though that jologs cooking is not only good, practical and healthy. Hooray!

So hell to the chef!!! [joke :-)]

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