Why I don't have pictures of the dishes I cook

My daughter left me her Sony DSC32 digital camera. It is practically her first digital cam which we gave her as a Christmas present years ago. Two years ago, when she left to work in another country she decided to leave it with me. She knows very well that my old, reliable SLR Nikon needs to be brought to the repair shop. So good. I have a camera.

But here's the problem, the batteries are all spent. Meaning, every time I need to use it I need 6 hours to charge the batteries. That's kindda tedious, yes? On the other hand, I am not sure if I want to leave it charging overnight. I don't want to risk that.

Perhaps, when I get a new pair of Sony batteries will I be able to take photos for my food blog.

I will just have to temporarily borrow from the web if ever there's a pressing need for photos.


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