"Pick and Pay Herb and Vegetable Store"

I read this front page news article from Inquirer, a local broadsheet which features a pick and pay herb vegetable store.

"The article says that it's the first of its kind in the Philippines, where the store customers can do their own harvesting of herbs and vegetables they want" from a greenhouse structure with "movable tables displaying different kinds of herbs". The selling pitch is 'freshness'.

"Top sellers so far are gotukola (memory enhancer), stevia (natural sweetener for diabetes) and chocolate mint (for tea) and rosemary (for fish, chicken and meat).

The store is owned by an enterprising lady Adela T. Ang. It is located at the Manila Seedling Bank Environmental Center in Quezon City. The store looks like this except for the absence of the movable tables where the herbs can be picked.

I have been to Manila Seedling Bank. It's a good source of plants to nurture. In fact that's where I got my baby plant herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, mint basil, thyme and dill. Unfortunately, the plants never got so much a chance to flourish like it should have. Our backyard soil wasn't so conducive to plant growth. Sigh :-(

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