Want to be healthy? Try cooking healthy.

This has been said before. Hesitate I do not because I know these tips are the easiest way towards healthy eating. To eat healthy, we must cook healthy. I cannot overemphasize that health is wealth.

Try these suggestions if you can:-) Happy Healthy Cooking :-)

1. Remove all salt from your recipes. Try pepper instead. Or cook with herbs.
2. Avoid frying. Try grilled, or baked meat and poultry dishes. Or perhaps coconut creamed?
3. Steam fish or crustacean (if you don't have allergies)and season with black pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lemon.
3. Prepare more salad or veggie meals. More colorful, the better for the body. Also pick vegetables in season to ensure freshness.
4. Avoid the use of sugar or syrups in your recipes. Use cinnamon instead.
5. Try incorporating fresh fruits in your cooking. Use those in season. Avoid canned.


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